Personal requirements for both girls and boys



Bible for Christians/Quran for moslems All 1
Copy of birth certificate/immunization card All
Primary dictionary(oxford Advanced) All P4-P7
Closed black shoes and white canvas shoes All 1 pair
sugar All 3kgs
Jik All 1L
Sanitizer All 1L
Rolls of toilet paper All 6 Big size, 12 Small size
Box file All 1
Clear bag All Nursery-P1
Rotatrim ream All 1 per term
Black books P3-P7 8 black books & 1 dozens 96
Art book (drawing book) P.6-P7 1
Small books(96) and writing book Nursery-P2 2 dozens
pens P.3-P.7 12
Pencils (Nataraj) &jumbo crayons Nursery –P.7 1 dozen each
Rubber and cutter Nursery –P.3 1
Set, long ruler, graph book and atlas P.4-P.7 1
Medical form Boarders
Suitcase Boarders 1
Mattress,blanket,pillow,bed cover, mosquito net Boarders 1
Night wear and urine trap (mackintosh) Boarders 2 pairs
Towel and 2 pairs of bed sheets Boarders 1
Under wear both boys and girls Boarders 8
Handkerchief Boarders 5
Petroleum jelly and combs Boarders 3
Sandals/Nigina and scrubbing brush Boarders 1 pair, 1
Open leather shoes Boarders 1 pair
Bathing soap, soap dish and sponge Boarders 4 pieces
Washing soap(white star bar soap) Boarders 3 bars
Detergent( Omo,Magic,Nomi) Boarders 1kg
Tooth paste and tooth brush Boarders 3 pieces
Shoe polish and shoe brush Boarders 3 pieces
Sanitary towels (Girls) Boarders 2 packets
Pant peg and nail cutter Boarders 1
Black skirts/shorts and Red shirts Boarders 1 pair
Small bucket and basin Boarders 1
Boob tubes and petty coats(Girls) P.4-P.7 1
Sharia for girls, Kanzu and turban for boys (Muslims) Boarder 2
Prayer mat & Yasrina Boarder (Muslims) 1
Prayer book (introduction to Swallah)Muslims Boarders 1